Nanowar Comic- I Custodi dell'Acciaio Inox - 1

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First volume of the "I Custodi dell'Acciaio Inox" trilogy

The legendary Nanowar of Steel are proud to present Nanowar, i Custodi dell'Acciaio Inox, the first comic magazine 99% steel and 1% paper, dedicated to the world of the famous happy metal band.
The magazine's headliner is Giorgio - muse of the hit "The Keeper of Inox Steel", with more that a million views on YouTube. Come into possession of the Power Pan, the master of TV sales is able to transform into the heroic Mastrothard, the strongest and most powerful Giorgio of the entire universe!
Nanowar themselves accompany Giorgio in his adventures (and vice versa!), wearing the clothes of comic heroes for the first time.
Enriching the proposal: the backup story on the mythology created by the band in over a decade of success; features and extra content edited by the group members

Illustrator: Carlo Fiaschi
Screenwriter: Roberto Cirincione

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on  11 Feb. 2021
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on  06 Nov. 2020
"Giorgio Mastrota! Trota!"

Attendo con ansia di recuperare gli altri numeri!!